Coldpakk Release 001

Year: 2017

Client: Coldpakk

This new Helsinki-based music label has the ambition to publish various kinds of fascinating underexposed new forms of urban and dance music from all around the world. For their first release though, they decided to put Helsinki on the map with footwork artist M.Traz first official solo effort, the Evening Action EP, complemented (spoiled?) with two international remixes from two highly recognized up-and-coming artists: Kush Jones and KiiD.

For the cover art we took inspiration from some previous works we did for the Helsinki club music scene, yet here we also tried to put our own spin on a certain “footwork aesthetic” originally forged by artist and designer Ashes57. At the end of the day we created a unique visual style that we intend to use exclusively for this label. The result speaks for itself but M.Traz said “the visual is pure evil”. We cannot wait to show you what we did for the next release!