Visio Magazine 02

Year: 2016

Client: Visio Festival

Visio Magazine is an in-process project initiated by Visio Festival, a new summer festival in Helsinki focusing on quality electronic music and visual arts. Reminiscent of the regretted Basso Magazine, this publication aims to cover electronic and urban music combined with an open curiosity for visual arts. Yet again many other subjects such as fashion, society and culture find their place in the magazine’s versatile DNA. The second issue’s content was mostly related to the festival programme and released at the same time.

We took care of most of the graphic design in this issue alongside some of our own contributions. In the same breath of other projects from the same field we worked on around the same time, we approached the job with a contrast of strict and/or aggressive layouts; each one crafted for each story yet with a global sense of visual unity. We hope we delivered something special (under tight conditions) and we assume to be in tune with the culture at stake.